Tuesday, August 14, 2012

USB IO Controller based on PIC18F2550

I wanted a IO controller which should able to connect to a PC and control various external things using PC. What better interface to consider other than USB.

Once USB interface was selected, I wanted a simple uC using which a hobbyist can program, solder etc. Nothing fit my search other than PIC18F2550 - DIP package, 28 pin, ample memory, wide source code availability etc.

Once I selected uC, I wanted it like a command processing engine. All I have to do is send command to it from PC and uC will act on the command. Not only that, it has read / collect / process data from external world and send it to PC.

Having planned this, shall start reinventing the wheel? No... I started searching over internet to find something similar. I found something which close to my wish... It is UBW (USB Bit Whacker).

I wanted build from it and here goes my progress

Step 1 - Make the hardware in general purpose PCB

Step 2 - Make a command reference manual