Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hobbyist dream comes true - Oscilloscope Uni-T

What is hobbyist dream? From my point of view, owning an Oscilloscope!! How long you will guess after you make something and finding it not working as intended. You start guessing and keep changing components or the software code.

A friend of mine who went to China on official work found Oscilloscopes at lesser price compared to stalwarts like Agilent, Tektronix Fluke, Yogokawa etc... They are brands like Rigol, ATTEN, Owen, Uni-T etc

Finally I got one Uni-T 100Mhz DSO for US$ 250 (yes in Indian Rupees it is around 14K) in China through him (thus escaping the uncertainty of ordering online/breakage during transit/import duties etc). I will keep sharing my experience with this scope as I play with it. (Yes, my wife is already asking "to blink a LED why Oscilloscope is required?" - Soon I will try to complete atleast few of my hobby projects fully prove??)


Build quality & Aesthetics
  1. Build quality ok, only thing is power switch is on the top and AC power inlet is in the left side. May not be convening to operate or keep it inside a rack kind of place.
  2. Control button looks like may not withstand rough handling.
  3. Probes seems to be having very thin insulation.
  4. Single Y control for both the channel seems to be a bit of inconvenience.


  1. Hi Mohan, I'm planning to buy an oscilloscope of my own. I'm just like you an IT professional who loves electronics. My needs are very simple. I'm just in learning phase. So you think you recommend me an oscilloscope in India Market? Thanks

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