Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Using Bluetooth UART Module - HC-06 linvorV1.8

Time to try the Bluetooth Module I bought in China. Obviously other than a mark “SJ” it had no other information so I can not search any web site for more information. Fortunately the 4Pin bergstick has the signal named VCC, GND, TXD, RXD. There are two pads in the PCB in beginning and end of the bergstick with names WAKEUP & STATE. Further in the middle of the PCB there are 3pads name PIO5, 3V3 & PIO4.

Searching in Google, revealed the below facts:
  1. The module I got is slave only & uses HC-06 firmware
  2. The commands supported are
    1. AT responds OK
    2. AT+BAUDn where n=1 ... C (1=1200, 2=2400, 3=4800, 4=9600 (default), 5=19200, 6=38400, 7=57600, 8=115200, 9=230400, A=460800, B=921600, C=1382400). Responds OKnnnn. Retained across power offs.
    3. AT+NAMEname where name 20 or fewer characters. Responds OKname. Retained across power offs.
    4. AT+PINnnnn sets the pairing password. Responds OKsetpin.
    5. AT+Pn where n is N (no parity), O (odd parity) or E (even parity). Firmware version higher than Linvor 1.5 only.
    6. AT+VERSION responds with the firmware version


  1. Dear Mohan
    there are good tutorials available in instructables on this topic to try. i tried a remote operated dc motor using android phone and l293 motor driver. for that i used the blue tooth terminal app available in play store, you can try that..

  2. hi m,
    what is max and min Vcc for device?
    -thanks in advance!!!

  3. To my knowledge the module I bough is having 3.3v reg so I have given 5V. So keep it between 3.3 to 5V.